Have you noticed ..

  • Your body looks different than it used to?
  • It works differently?
  • You like doing different things?

Do you know what that’s called?


First puberty changed us from children into adults. Second puberty changes us from adults into elders.

First puberty also turned us into bad kids. It didn’t bother us because we were looking forward to adulthood.

Second puberty may  turn us into bad adults. It wouldn’t bother us if we were looking forward to elderhood – and there’s a lot to look forward to. It can be as much fun as childhood or adulthood – if we do the right things.

Every life stage is fun – if we do the right things:

  • For children, learning provides the most fun.
  • For adults productivity (including reproductivity) is best.
  • Elders enjoy life most when they’re distributing wisdom.

Isn’t it interesting that these are also the ways we best help humanity? If we didn’t naturally do things that help our species, we wouldn’t be here. All other living things naturally behave in ways that help their species, too. What do we call our natural behaviors? Fun.

Elders naturally distributed wisdom in tribal and traditional societies. While modern society offers more and better ways to distribute wisdom, elders don’t usually take advantage of them.

Why? One reason is they don’t realize they’re elders. The result is that modern elders often  focus on productivity instead of distributing wisdom. They could be enjoying life more with less effort if they were doing the right stuff. And they’d be helping humanity more.

Michael Jackson may be an oddity as an adult trying to enjoy life as a child, but elders often try to enjoy life as adults. When we try to enjoy life as the wrong life stage, we work too hard for too little fun.

When elders shift their focus, even slightly, towards distributing wisdom, they experience a dramatic boost in mood and health. That’s what happened to my father when I asked for his oldest stories. You can read more about it here.

Are you frustrated by your second puberty changes? Do you still think you need to be productive to feel good about yourself? Maybe it’s time to claim your elderhood. Our book, Claiming Elderhood, will show you:

  • How to change from a low-functioning adult into a high-functioning elder.
  • Why the elder look is attractive.
  • How to claim your elderhood. It’s more than just recognizing yourself as a source of wisdom. – and how to flaunt it!
  • What things elders do better than anyone else.
  • Why humanity needs the things that only elders can do.
  • Why thinking of yourself as an older adult can sabotage your elderhood.
  • How to keep your family’s “Chain of Wisdom” strong.
  • Why distributing wisdom makes elders feel great – emotionally and physically.
  • Ways to distribute wisdom in modern society.
  • How to encourage people to ask for your advice and stories.
  • And much, much more.


Read more about elderhood in the book, Claiming Elderhood. It will reawaken any elder’s zest for life.

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