A Tal Tale

Toys, Tools, and Tals

Children enjoy life most when they’re playing, a form of learning. Toys help them play better.

Adults enjoy life most when they’re productive. Tools help them do it better.

Elders enjoy life most when they’re transferring wisdom. What do we call things which help us do it better?

We don’t. Without a word, we can’t discuss them. That limits our enjoyment of life.

Because we have the words “toys” and “tools”, we have been able to develop excellent items to enrich the lives of children and adults. We need a similar word for elders.

Our new word for items which help elders transfer wisdom isĀ  “tal.” (rhymes with pal) Tals are to elders what toys are to children or tools are to adults.

Now that you have the word, you’ll start noticing tals like children notice toys and adults notice tools.

Of course, children don’t just notice toys. They play with them. As you notice tals, you’ll use them. They will enrich your life as they help you enrich others.

When a child uses pencils to build a tower, he’s using them as toys. When an architect uses pencils to design a building, she’s using them as tools. When elders use pencils to write memoirs, they’re using them as tals.

You’ll recognize your telephone as a tal – and your e-mail. You can stillĀ  use them as tools, but you’ll have more fun when you use them as tals.

Playful children have lots of toys. Productive adults have lots of tools. Successful elders have lots of tals.

While children look forward to visiting a toy store, elders can feel the same about a tal store.

Well, you can crank up your smile, because you’re one click from the tal store!

All the items on it will help you distribute wisdom. Use them to make your elderhood as much fun as childhood.

When you do, you’ll notice a dramatic boost in health and happiness. That’s your signal that you’re doing the right thing.

If you think of a tal that we haven’t listed, please tell us about it. Maybe we can offer it here soon.